How It Works

Account Access

With Shamir’s ReCreating Perfect Vision® Rewards Program you have the ability to cash in your points for money or prizes. Earn points by dispensing Shamir premium PALs. Then exchange your points for cash and prizes, the new program will make shopping for birthdays and holidays easier than ever before.

It’s simple - to start earning points - simply dispense a minimum of 15 pairs of any combination of Shamir lenses in one calendar month. No need to worry about tracking your activity, it will be tracked automatically through your lab’s monthly usage reports*. Registering for the program is easy, simply follow the steps below to start earning BIG!


Provide the required practice information and fax a completed W-9 form to Shamir’s RCPV Rewards Program Dept. at (858) 444-3842.


Sell a minimum of 15 pairs of any of the qualified Shamir products listed below, within one calendar month, to start earning points.

  • Shamir Office™
  • Shamir Creation®
  • Shamir Genesis™
  • Shamir Attitude®
  • Shamir Piccolo®
  • Shamir Autograph®


Once your practice has qualified you will receive a letter with the access codes needed to complete registration on the website and start cashing in your points.


Shop Shamir’s online Rewards Catalog for great products.

* If your laboratory does not submit monthly usage reports to Shamir Insight, Inc. you can still qualify by submitting a manual claim form, on a monthly basis, with invoice copies.