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Shamir’s Glacier PLUS™ UV is now available! - October 12 , 2015
Shamir's premium Anti-Reflective coating provides the patient with a cutting-edge, anti-reflective solution that truly helps to ReCreate Perfect Vision. Glacier PLUS™ UV helps patients look their best, see their best and feel safe. The coating is available on all Shamir Freeform® lens designs and you will earn 750 points for each Glacier PLUS™ UV pair dispensed, but sales will not count toward the 15 pair minimum.
Shamir’s Autograph III® - SV is now available! - February 02 , 2015
Shamir's latest Freeform® product, Autograph III® – SV, is a new lens designed to provide single vision patients with the perfect Rx solution for their visual needs. This lens is now available to order and you will earn 10 points for each Autograph III® - SV pair dispensed, but sales will not count toward the 15 pair minimum.
RCPV 2015 Points Updates - December 19 , 2014
Product updates effective January 1st, 2015: SHAMIR CREATION®: Points will no longer be given for Creation® sales, however, Creation® sales will continue to count towards the 15 pair minimum. SHAMIR DUO™: Duo™ sales will now count toward the 15 pair minimum, however, no points will be given for Duo™ sales. SHAMIR GLACIER PLUS™: Glacier Plus™, Shamir’s premium AR Coating, is now eligible for Shamir RCPV® Rewards at the following points per pair: Shamir Glacier Plus™: 750 pts/pair* *Points will be given for Glacier Plus™, however, sales will not count toward the 15 pair minimum.
From November – December 31, 2014 we are increasing the RCPV® Rewards on Shamir Computer™ and Shamir WorkSpace™ to 1,350 Points! We are also excited to announce that both Shamir Computer™ and WorkSpace™ have been approved for VSP!
Shamir’s Attitude III® line is now available! - March 31 , 2014
Shamir's latest Freeform® products, Attitude III® – Fashion, Attitude III® – Sport and Attitude III® – SV, are three new lenses designed to provide patients with the perfect customized sun solution whether they need an outdoor solution for stylish, leisurely lifestyles or sporty, active lifestyles. These three lenses are now available to order and they will qualify towards the 15 pair RCPV® minimum. You will earn 900 points for each pair of Attitude III® – SV dispensed and 3,000 points for each pair of Attitude III® – Fashion or Attitude III® – Sport dispensed.
Autograph III® now VSP category “N”! - March 27 , 2014
Shamir is pleased to announce our Shamir Autograph III® lens is now approved for VSP - category “N”. Please consult with Eyefinity Customer Service for more details at 877.448.0707.
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